Episode #9: Beating Bronchiectasis: My Journey from Diagnosis to Treatment to Full Recovery In Just One Year

In this episode, I describe my health struggles, diagnosis with Bronchiectasis, and full recovery over the course of one year. 


What’s in this episode:

  • My childhood respiratory issues and allergies. 
  • My downward spiral of getting sicker and sicker when no medicines would work. 
  • My diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Traditional medicine telling me I was on my own.
  • My denial and resistance to my condition.
  • Coming to terms with facing my own mortality.
  • The Zen retreat that was the turning point in my despair.
  • Embracing of integrative/alternative medicine.
  • How I built my integrative medical team to help me create a plan.
  • The eight-point plan (B-R-A-I-N-N-S-S) that I spent a year following:
    • B is for Buteyko Breathing
    • R is for Running (and cardio)
    • A is For Acupuncture
    • I is for Ingestion
    • N is for Nasal Lavage
    • N is for Nebulize
    • S is for Supplements
    • S is for Sleep
  • The time management skills I learned to run my entire life in only a few remaining hours.
  • Returning to Mayo one year later.
  • The miracle results that I received.
  • Describing my full recovery.
  • What my life and health looks like today.
  • Why it was so important for me to share this message and what I’ve learned.