Episode #7: The Money Blueprint – Part 7 – Stock Ownership Experiences – Following & Violating Principles – Value Investing

Today we discuss experiences in ownership.

My invitation at the beginning was to be a learning organism. See yourself as a sponge whose constantly in a state of learning. I am deeply grateful for the teachers I’ve had. If I’ve done reasonably well, it’s because I’ve had fantastic teachers: My father, my grandfather, Warren Buffett, John Templeton and Ben Graham are my primary constellation of professors. They’re marvelous—particularly Ben Graham who was the philosophical father of Warren Buffett. They knew each other from Columbia University and worked together at Graham Newman for a short time. A lot of what Ben Graham taught also comes through Buffett and the Berkshire letters.

What I thought I’d do today is walk through my 3 principles to being a good investor (ownership, don’t lose and patience). I’d walk through experiences that either I violated those principles and paid a price, or didn’t but somebody else did.

All that grounds the thought into experience. As you ground the thought into experience, it becomes more integrated into your being. You begin to make better decisions because you get it. It’s like tying a shoe versus watching someone else tie a shoe. Doing it yourself is a different experience.